Saturday, April 4, 2020


The Kenya chefs association (KCA) is a non-profit organization representing the professional chefs in Kenya. It was established in 2012, as a non-political organization dedicated to maintain and improve culinary standards in Kenya through its education and training programs.

The Kenya chefs association is the best platform for all the Kenyan chefs within and without the country that places them all under one platform to share ideas, visions and even nurture and develop each other to become the best that we can.

As an authority and opinion leader on food, KCA represents a national voice on all issues related to the culinary profession within the country. It also aims to be the pivotal point and centre in Kenya for providing culinary knowledge, training, and exchange of information and services within the chefs’ profession.



The Young Chefs Club in the nation is as a representative branch of the World Young Chefs Club which usually brings together the young professional chefs for the many opportunities that usually befall them.

The Young Chef Olympiads commonly referred to as the “ycolimpiad” is an international program that brings together many young chefs from across the globe and the different continents under one region, one country and one institution to battle for one title.


Mission Vision & Goals

KCA Mission

As a non-profit organization, the Kenya Chefs Association (KCA) represents professional chefs in Kenya. Established in 2012, it is a non-political, professional organization dedicated to maintaining and improving culinary standards in Kenya through education, training and professional development of its membership. As an authority and opinion leader on food, KCA represents a national voice on all issues related to the culinary profession.


The Kenyan Chefs Association aims to be the center in Kenya for providing culinary knowledge and training, and exchange of information and services within the chef’s profession. The organization aims to improve and implement standards within the profession, in order to have internationally certified Kenyan culinary professionals working throughout the food and catering industry.


KCA Main Goals

  • To improve and enhance the image of chefs so that this profession is recognized and emphasized as an important asset to the tourism industry.
  • To establish a professional skills and standards base for chefs and increase its application and utilization in Kenya through certified professional culinary programs.
  • To increase chefs’ skills and knowledge through participation in regional, national, and international culinary competitions held in conjunction with hotel and food processing industry trade fairs.
  • To provide effective material and moral support to members.
  • To defend the general interests of the profession, to preserve, propagate and develop the genuine principles of culinary art.
  • To centralise and distribute useful information to members.
  • To safeguard and further the dignity and high vocational and social standing of the profession.
  • To popularise Kenyan cuisine through various media in international markets.
  • To educate people about food and the profession through a series of programmes.
  • To organise regional and national culinary shows to promote excellence in the field of food production. The best national talents could represent Kenya and be honoured by various international culinary associations.
  • To be involved in hotel schools and apprenticeship training programmes.
  • To publish a National Directory of Chefs and a quarterly newsletter for the members.
  • To assist professional chefs to publish books and write articles on their specialty cuisines.
  • To create a platform that will liaise with the government to help develop the chef community.
  • To make our country a proud and respected member of the World Association of Cooks Societies (WACS) to help in the globalisation of the Kenyan Chef.
  • Encourage and support young and upcoming chefs by mentoring them through talks.